A Better Truth

Sometimes candids need to look a little less candid-y.

The photo is from a snow filled time in Chicago when my daughter had come from Seattle for a holiday visit. We went to The French Market, my favorite place in the city to have lunch at a place that had Freitkoten: a way of making french fries my son really liked.

It was a rare and precious meeting with my kids that I tried to record on my phone, but my photos had resulted in the ‘selfie stretch’, enlarging the head of the person on the outside. Not only was it enlarged, but tilted as well.

Turn arrow to the left to see changes. Thanks!

I looked at it every day on my fridge, but when I considered making it a little nicer… I looked at it like a project I was making for a client. What can help improve it and yet keep its’ natural feel?

Canvas or deckled edge print, the new image is lovely on mantelpiece or portrait table.

Perhaps you have photos that have a quirk or two that keep you from enjoying them fully. There is no harm at all in a non-invasive treatment to do what improves them for you.

The truth, made a little bit better (smile!)

I would love to hear if that is a current project for you as well. My video chat consultation is free: schedule a time to talk on my Contact Page.

Dorothy Perry is a Chicago portrait photographer specializing in custom family portraits, modern headshots, & personal branding for women and executives.

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