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Finding A Something More

Funny how some normal-looking photographs offer the potential of being something more. My daughter sent me a long-distance snapshot of my grand-son playing with his dad.   I can't get enough pictures of my little guy,  exploring his new world with a toddler's beautiful curiosity. Something about this image attracted me. I take another look… Continue reading Finding A Something More

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In Vino Veritas

I am sensitive to waves of energy and sunlight as a daylight photographer ~ and take additional pleasure in working for events that possess both!  This Chicago WineFest was showcased at Cafe Brauer, which has a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright design, skylight, and glass panels that let in beautiful, diffused light.  Being given free reign… Continue reading In Vino Veritas

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Watch Without Words

Benefit: Helps develop a 'wider gaze.' Useful as a daily practice. Helps to become more aware of photograph-able things happening in moving or crowded situations. This is effective when coupled with deep, steady breathing to help stay creatively effective in highly emotional or moving situations. Step backwards. Step back, as if moving your body.  Make the movements… Continue reading Watch Without Words

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Not Always For Instagram

A bit of counter-intuition for friends, photographers, and everyone in between: Don't be so eager to photograph the daily treasured moments of your life above all else. To be in ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ mode, twenty-four seven. To be removed from the reality of interaction with family, children, experiences. Take time to enjoy and… Continue reading Not Always For Instagram

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Putting It Out There

From the beginning of my career as a photographer in Chicago, my focus has been to capture the energy of personality in portrait form. In the past, these images never reached their potential, because images on CD can become unusable with future computer programs. In addition, these beautiful images, planned for albums and photo projects,… Continue reading Putting It Out There