When I put my cameras down, I love to dance, write, and create art in other formats.

I am forever grateful to all the wonderful life moments I have witnessed all these years.

Below are a few words from some of the families that are now friends.

Had a great experience with Dorothy. Pictures came out beautiful!! Dorothy was very accommodating and showed great patience and professionalism.

We had Dorothy do our son’s newborn photos in late April.  She was fantastic and the pictures turned out amazing. Great service all around, highly recommended! We were very impressed with her and plan to have her for future family events and life milestones.

Dorothy’s photographs are really beautiful! They look professional, creative, and purposeful. Her demure and attitude were both very professional and I would be happy to hire her for another event.

She is a talented photographer who pours her heart into every shoot to capture the true essence of her clients. Dorothy is hardworking, driven, and would be a great addition to any team!

One of the things a great photographer does is capture the small moments and details the rest of us miss. Dorothy has the ability to evoke happiness and energy when she photographs people. She finds those moments and she puts people at ease. If you want to document your event in a unique way, I highly recommend Dorothy Perry Portrait!

My husband and I will treasure the images she captured for their beauty and honesty.

The first thing I have to say is, if you’re interested in not looking “goosed” or tense in your wedding day photos, she is the photographer for you. Dorothy was so calm and focused on the task at hand. It was an art for her and it showed. The composition, the color, the saturation were all perfect. She even used Photoshop to erase the unavoidable refuse that was on the beach. (Ah, Chicago.) She helped me so much with calming me down during the engagement and wedding photo shoots. When i would unconsciously be gripping my soon to be husband’s shoulder, she told me to breathe. When i would find my self holding my breath, again she calmly told me how everything was going to be perfectly beautiful.   Honestly I believe it’s because of her,  the engagement pictures were wonderful, and the wedding album…..magical.

This Instagram post led to an interview with Voyage Chicago Magazine.

An interview in an online magazine called Voyage Chicago, July 01, 2019. The article can be read here
Some of the best portrait artist photographers in the country meet and teach at a photography conference called Masters of the Wall Portrait.

I look forward to talk about photographing an upcoming event,

or a branding or personal portrait that looks for – and sees you – at your best.