A Moveable Feast

Welcome to the page containing my food photography portfolio and a couple of words about my history here.

In the early nineties in Chicago, I cut my teeth working whenever they called me for the black weekly newspaper The Chicago Defender, The Chicago Reader and New City.

I loved the interiors of cafes and restaurants, (lush and loungeable places!), and sometimes when I was lucky, I was able to photograph the people beginning the prep for the day’s menu.

The food magazine Saveur was an inspiration to me, as for what could be done in capturing the zest of the real things happening in making food.

I got assignments from a SF startup called TurnHere and another called Seamless, photographing the dishes of local restaurants that would be included in their online advertisement. Here, I photographed the dishes in their restaurant settings.

Yes, it tasted GREAT!

Moving into digital and past newspapers, I began to photograph for walks, special events, and expos, and photographed private events such as the Chicago WineFests in their various locations through the year.

Chicago Winefest event 2019.

Past clients have included Sweet Thang Bakery, Letizia’s Bakery and Spacca Napoli, not to mention the restaurants captured for the start up companies.

I’m a behind the scenes type of person, so I really enjoyed capturing the graceful rhythms of chefs within crowded rooms and the skill in creating the dishes for their customers.

I always pinch myself that I really do the thing I love every day. And I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you, too!

View my Food Portfolio here.

Fill out the Contact Page for our conversation about your project soon!

Thank you, Dorothy

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