Making Photos for Feelings

The image was a beautiful moment in the ceremony, deep within the photo, taken by a guest in the wedding party. The groom is a photographer friend, and I know so well the axiom that “the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes,”

and how a photographer may sometimes never own any decent photos of their own important life events sometimes.

I saw another moment within the image – to be ‘brought out’ and brightened, so that it can be seen – and felt.

The difference between retouching and my creative ‘digital caress’ is that I use a quieter, more intuitive eye to see the newer photograph inside the original one. I wrote another post about the technique in a June 6, 2020 post, Finding A Something More.

So happily honored to see that the bride posts this as her profile photo online.

I wish Daphne and Jeff Happy Anniversary, and many dances together to come!

Dorothy Perry is a Chicago portrait photographer specializing in custom family portraits, modern headshots, & personal branding for women and executives.

 Contact her for commissioned work here. Thank you.

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