Portraits That Do You Justice

To do justice: to treat or show (something or someone) in a way that is as good as it should be.

When we are active in our busy lives every day,

we don’t think about the photographs that ‘live’ after us.

But consider: what photos will family remember you by?

Blurry snapshots? Selfies? Stiffly frozen portraits?

Meet someone that values and captures your personality.

Have portraits with vitality and energy to choose from.

Amateur photos and selfies don’t always do us justice.

My images of families and dynamic couples are calming, inspiring,

and beautifully displayed in elegant albums and framed art.

An amazing energetic now, for valued memory later.

Let’s make inspired images of you, your loved ones, or your life’s passion.

Images to do you justice, by Dorothy Perry Portrait .

Talk to Dorothy herself at (872) 208-7659.

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