In Vino Veritas

I am sensitive to waves of energy and sunlight as a daylight photographer ~ and take additional pleasure in working for events that possess both! 

This Chicago WineFest was showcased at Cafe Brauer, which has a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright design, skylight, and glass panels that let in beautiful, diffused light. 

Being given free reign to photograph what attracted me allowed me to ‘sync’ and flow with the energy of wine lovers, couples dancing, and vintage-enhanced cheer.

It resulted in images that had potential quality as artwork for my personal portfolio.  Let me tell you, I was as happy as those who had had a festival’s worth of wine!  

“Amazing having your energy onsite and shooting for us.”

“The photos are absolutely beautiful.”

“Overall great pictures.”

“I don’t know if I just have a few favorites, as I like them all.”

“They look fantastic!” 

“Best photos I’ve seen from the event.”

“You really did a great job highlighting our vendors and guests.”

“Thanks again for these great images.”

“This is awesome work!”

“We will definitely be sharing on our page!”

Dorothy Perry is a Chicago portrait photographer specializing in custom family portraits, modern headshots, & personal branding for women and executives.

 Contact her studio for commissioned work here.

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