Hello! My name is Dorothy, and my happiest days are when I’m photographing yours!

I’m a personal at home photographer for people. Some also call me a lifestyle photographer.

My style is a bit of intuition with a genial personality that makes even shy people feel comfortable with being photographed.

Favorite events are families, parties, and PORTRAITS from publicity photos to blushingly personal.

I’m also a microwedding photographer, capturing today’s smaller weddings from mansions to backyards, from land to Lake Michigan!

Why value and invest in personal art for your home and gifting?

Because framed artwork of your life, seen at different times of the day, provides a sense of assurance and renewal for the spirit. I LOVE seeing where they are displayed in your homes!

For commissions and projects, email dorothy@dorothyperryportrait.com.

To follow my blog, connect at the Journal page here. Thank you!